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Hay Day Tips and Tricks - Ultimate collection

  1. Save your diamonds! Just do it, you’ll need them later when you know how to use them. The best use of diamonds in my opinion is to get additional spaces in the making-queue of the dairy, the oven, the grill and other building you’ll oftentimes wished you could produce more with then you can.
  2. Remember your real life! This game is pure, psychologically engineered, very dangerous and highly addicting brain-drugs that’ll release dopamine every two seconds in your brain. Remember this! In the first ~10 levels, it’s possible to gain a lot from being in the game all the time, but this drastically deteriorates over time, as the stuff you make takes longer and longer. As soon as you have the boy, looking into the game more often than every two hours is a total waste of your real-life-time (and even more than this game is anyways). Speaking of time-waste: all you really do in this game is clicking cows. No matter what, I’m also still playing for the challenge of beating it. If you want to save you life, JUST UNINSTALL IT and do something distracting.
  3. Save your real money! It might help to know that this game can be cheated (through a technically advanced way that you don’t want to deal with), so don’t invest your real money in this, no matter how tempting it may be. If you have already cheated (I didn’t) you can also just uninstall the game - now it’s not even a challenge anymore.
  4. You’ll need more space. For this, you can either use the shovels, axes, saws, dynamite and TNT to remove pools, small and large trees, small or large stones, or you can wait until you get the small boy to buy those items for you. But space on your grassland is not so important as space in your barn and your silo. For these, you’ll have to collect the items that sometimes just pop up from the harvesting of anything that can be harvested, including your animals works. If you ever sell some of these items, always sell to the highest price possible. Trust me, everyone wants these.
  5. Money is more important than experience points. When you later unlock the shipyard and the mine, you’ll see that they cost A LOT OF MONEY to repair, and if you rushed to higher levels, it harder to get together this money. Experience comes more or less automatically anyways, every time you harvest something, build something, destroy something etc.
  6. That said, prefer orders that pay high money instead of those that give you lots of experience. Try to always fill your animal numbers to max and also build the second animal food maker when it’s available. When people come and buy your stuff, sell it if you don’t need it for good money jobs from the board. Especially sell eggs.
  7. When you have the newspaper, you should begin to use it immediately. You can use it to your favor in the following situations:
  8. As soon as you have enough space to place your buildings, sell all saws and explosives you find for the maximum price. There’s always players who want it nice and clean early on, and they’ll pay any price.
  9. In the newspaper or via the boy, you can always buy stuff. In higher levels, money will be a smaller problem than earlier on, therefore I opted to sell barn- and silo-building stuff and grassland-freeing tools early on for the highest price possible, but later on I bought them when money wasn’t too problematic anymore.
  10. Every day, your best buddy Greg will sell you very cheap stuff, also he’ll buy one item that you sell if no-one else does. So sell stuff expensive.
  11. Don’t buy decoration, instead better order your stuff nicely or use fruit trees. Decoration is pretty expensive, and it’s not worth it.
  12. When you look at the blackboard, delete the orders that you won’t be able to deliver anyways in the next 1 hour or so, and those that don’t get you enough money.
  13. The challenges you get solved pretty much automatically, without of those where you have to do a certain action within a very short time. 
  14. When you connect with Facebook, you’ll gain some diamonds and can barter with your friends and exchange the missing stuff you need to upgrade your barn and silo. Just don’t forget on the connect screen that you want to applications data to only be visible by yourself (to make it less embarrassing).
  15. Follow me on Twitter, or read my technical / private blog. I’m a software developer at Ascora / Abelssoft and if you’re a software developer in northern Germany too, we’re hiring.
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